1. To conducted On Farm Trails (OFTs) on use of balanced fertilizers/micro nutrients, varietal evaluation and weed control in crops/vegetables, control of mortality in calves/kids, feeding of mineral and deworming to regulate normal fertility in dairy animals.
  2. To conduct Front line demonstrations (FLDs) on use of balanced fertilizers/micro nutrients, varietals evaluation, weed control in crops/vegetables/ornamental plants, control of mortality in calves/kids, balanced green fodder production.
  3. Trained to farmers, farm women, extension workers, rural youths, skilled training on latest technologies related to agricultural and allied fields.
  4. Organized field days, kisan mela, scientists visits to farmers fields/villages.
  5. Farmers consultancy and participated in various programmes of State Agricultural Departments, NGOs etc.
  6. Produced seeds/seedlings of cereals/oil seeds/vegetables and sale to farmers on nominal rates.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of KVK :

Strengths : The required Scientific/Technical staff is available at KVK, Agra, Funds to conduct OFTs/FLDs is timely available, some demonstration units are also available for effective training purpose.

Weaknesses : Unavailability/un timely availability of agricultural inputs, Demonstration units-dairy, poly house etc are not established at KVK.

Opportunities : KVK has good technical support from host institution R.B.S. College, Agra and staff of KVK attended timely training/workshops/seminars to update their knowledge

Threats : The area jurisdiction of KVK is very wide, Irrigation water is problematic and not easily available.